Going Charitable

Going Charitable is an online gaming marathon raising money for Trans Lifeline.

About Trans Lifeline

Trans Lifeline is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the well being of transgender people. They run a hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people. Trans Lifeline volunteers are ready to respond to whatever support needs members of our community might have.

United States hotline:
(877) 565-8860
Canadian hotline:
(877) 330-6366


All times are CDT (Central Daylight Time).

Friday, March 23
Start TimeDurationGameHost(s)
05:00 PM1:30 hrsDigimon The MovieSporky, Garrett, and Evan
06:30 PM2:30 hrsDead CellsMelty Goblin
09:00 PM3:00 hrsA Link to the Past RandomizerCurtmack
Saturday, March 24
Start TimeDurationGameHost(s)
12:00 AM2:00 hrsPersona knockoffsAlex D'Arata-Wolfe and Paul M. Davis
02:00 AM2:30 hrsAviary AttorneyAlex D'Arata-Wolfe
04:30 AM5:30 hrsNi no Kuni 2Sporky
10:00 AM3:30 hrsMonster Hunter WorldEvan B
01:30 PM2:00 hrsFallout 4: Far HarbourMichael
03:30 PM1:30 hrsSurge DLCGarrett
05:00 PM1:30 hrsInto the BreachJamsl
06:30 PM1:30 hrsPlayerunknown'S BattlegroundsT-Pots
08:00 PM1:00 hrsBest of Code LyokoMary (Return to the Past)
09:00 PM3:00 hrsPlayerunknown'S BattlegroundsT-Pots
Sunday, March 25
Start TimeDurationGameHost(s)
12:00 AM3:30 hrsMetal Gear RisingZChocobo
03:30 AM2:30 hrsWarframe RouletteMichael
06:00 AM1:30 hrsAviary Attorney / Itch.io GamesAlex D'Arata-Wolfe
07:30 AM2:00 hrsMegadrive/Genesis "Classics"Robert
09:30 AM2:00 hrsHeat SignatureNid
11:30 AM2:30 hrsTacomaLionyeti
02:00 PM2:00 hrsCataclysm: DDAEvan B
04:00 PM2:00 hrsMystery StreamMerrygate
06:00 PM16:00 hrsChrono Trigger: Flames of EternitySporky, Garrett, Curtmack, and Evan
Monday, March 26
Start TimeDurationGameHost(s)
10:00 AM8:00 hrsParasite EveSporky, Garrett, Curtmack, and Evan